Andreia Trigo

RN BSc MSc Management and Leadership
Dip. Neurolinguistic Programming

✨ Health Entrepreneur
✨ TEDx Speaker
✨ NLP Coach of 2017


Name Andreia
Surname Trigo
Marital status Partnered
Birthday 26 March 1983
Nationality Portuguese
Native languages Portuguese & English


Address Harben House
Mobile +44 7900 153648

NLP Award

The Fertility Show Manchester 2018

Selected Work

Pain Management Online
inFertile Life


  • 85%
Advanced specialist nursing in perioperative care, anaesthesia, pain, reproductive health. Research in mHealth. Change management and service improvement. Training and education.


  • 85%
Research on mHealth, reproductive health, organisational culture, patient experience, perioperative care.

Training and Education

  • 90%
Involved in delivering higher education programmes in anaesthesia, sedation, pain using accelerated learning techniques and high fidelity simulation. Online programmes for professionals and patients in reproductive health. Multiple in-service training and education in perioperative care, pain and change management/service improvement.

Public Speaking

  • 80%
TEDx speaker, expert writer at magazines, interviews at radio and TV, speaker at medical congresses. Multiple meet-ups and events.

Leadership and Management

  • 80%
Founder and director of several companies in healthcare. Project management of multiple education, research, change management and service improvement projects.


• Perioperative nursing (anaesthetics, scrub and recovery) for emergency and scheduled procedures in both NHS and private sector
• Advanced specialist nursing in pain management, including acute pain, chronic pain and neuromodulation
• Research in mHealth focusing on patient reported outcomes
• Change management and service improvement using lean/six sigma in clinical nurse specialists practice
• Training and education in anaesthesia and sedation practice
• Reproductive health supporting people facing infertility


• Multicentric quantitative research with factor analysis on the role of anaesthetic nurses
• Quantitative research with correlation between variables on organisational culture and patient satisfaction
• Clinical trial on mHealth for patient reported postoperative pain
• Service evaluation on mHealth for quality of recovery
• Service evaluation on mHealth for chronic pain

Training and Education

• Developed first Post Grad course in Anaesthesia and Pain Management in Portugal
• Developed first Simulation Centre in Portugal
• Developed sedation training accredited by RCN and RCoA
• Developed fertility coaching course
• Multiple in-service training and education sessions as theatre nurse, advanced nurse practitioner in pain and within change management/ service improvement initiatives

Public Speaking

• TEDx on the subject of reproductive health and infertility
• RCN Congress on the subject of respiratory compromise
• IVFBabble magazine monthly article as an expert
• Radio City News on infertility awareness week
• RTP TV on infertility
• RTP TV on managing pain
• Multiple meet-ups and events

Leadership and Management

• Founder and director of Institute of Simulation (Portugal), SedateUK, inFertile Life, Fertility Support, Pain Management Online
• Project management of several education, research, change management and service improvement projects
• Consulting for healthcare services - Fertility, Reproductive Health, Sedation, Pain.


Dip. NLP Neurolinguistic Programming


MSc Advanced Practice in Leadership


MSc Administration and Management in Healthcare


BSc Nursing



Fertility Network UK

London contact for fertility support

RCOG Women's Voices

Public insight group at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

RCN Fertility Forum

RCN Women's Health

Professional nurses discussing fertility, reproductive and women's health

About me

I thrive with empowering people in their physical and mental health, raise awareness of issues related to health and wellness and contribute to research and medical knowledge advancement

Concerned with organisational culture and how we can create a healthier society, my focus is on connecting professionals, patients and digital transformation. All strategies focus on the five E: Evidence-based, Education, Engagement, Empowerment and Experience.